A quiet moment of silence before ‘the new’ emerges, changing the shape of now, forever. Introducing ELIYA The Label's AW19 Collection. A mirror to the modern woman, a consciousness of her dichotomy of desires, an interpretation of her willingness to want and have delivered a new, more elevated version of self. In an unmistakable unison of fabric and form, ELIYA The Label redefines what was then and makes it more than now… it is future femininity.

Dramatic proportions juxtaposed against gentle curves give a new interpretation of the avant garde.

Interplaying fabric-folds envelope the body building a living sculpture of self. amongst the chaos of being reimagined, harmony is realised and redefined.

a disjunction of light and dark, of molten metallics crashing against the softest of skin- Revolutionising glamour and the way the future will be worn.